In the middle of summer you may not think much about the furnace and whether it does the best job for you.  However, this is actually the best time to have it serviced and consider your options.  Waiting for the winter to arrive could potentially leave you shivering.

Unfortunately, no matter how well you look after your furnace there will come a time when you need to replace it.  There are several reasons why you may decide to replace your furnace:

  • It has passed its best and is no longer working properly or efficiency. This can mean excessive costs and insufficient heat.
  • It is no longer possible to purchase the parts for servicing or to repair it.
  • You have decided that you can afford a more environmentally friendly version.

Whatever the reason it is worth contacting Viva Home Comfort to enlist their assistance in finding you the right furnace for your future needs.  You should consider the following points:

Running Costs

The costs of running a new furnace should be dramatically less than the costs of running one that is ten or twenty years old.  Running costs involve the electricity or alternative fuel consumed as well as its ability to monitor and manage the temperature of your house

A modern furnace should also have smart home features and be able to be controlled from your cell phone.


A new furnace will have a warranty supplied with it.  But, you should check the conditions and terms of the warranty.  It is essential to ensure that every part of the furnace is covered.  As these pieces of equipment are not cheap you will not want to be left out of pocket after just a few months!

Installation Issues

Many furnace installations are straightforward but you will need to verify this.  If you are using the same fuel source it should be relatively easy to swap the furnace and attach the new pipe work.  In general the water pipe connections are relatively easy to connect but a change in fuel system can be an issue.


You should also consider the noise a new furnace will make.  Assuming you are purchasing one of a similar size then you should expect the new furnace to be quieter than the old one.  This is important as you should not need to add additional insulation simply to complement a new furnace.

The majority of new furnaces are already significantly quieter than the older versions of the same thing.


It is important to verify that the dealer you are intending to purchase your new furnace from is a reputable one.  This will ensure you are purchasing a genuine product and will receive the best possible customer service.

The easiest way to check the reputation of the dealer is to look at social media sites and assess the general consensus regarding the performance of the firm.

With the right research you can easily find a new furnace which will serve you for many years to come.