Living in Auckland? Did you have had any plumbing issue at your home recently? Chances are your plumber charged you slightly higher than what was the original estimate. You might have argued with him about not following the estimated quote but he justified everything in the end. Every 4 out of 10 customers faces this when they hire a plumber Auckland to fix small issues at their homes. Here in this small write up, we highlight the 5 most common facts to keep in mind when your estimate is prepared by a plumber Auckland.

A Visit is Important

In most cases, the small plumbing fixes have a fixed rate plus a visit charge. But sometimes when a customer is in a hurry to get a quote and doesn’t consider a visit from the plumber to be important, this is where the problem arises. Because sometimes a plumber might quote you based on your report of the issue while the ground reality is different. For instance, he might have quoted for a faucet fix but the problem was more than what you have told him on the phone. Brace yourself for the extra charges when deep down the problem was more then what seemed on the surface.


Another misconception regarding a plumber Auckland job is having supplies at different rates then what customer expect. A plumber knows what supplies are needed when they inspect an issue, sometimes there is a leftover in the supply that you think could have been saved on the bill. But on the bright side, they can be used in the future so keep them handy for future. Also, what you may not be aware of a fact is that your plumber Auckland gets the supplies at a lower rate than the actual rate you would have bought.

Additional Charges

As a rule of thumb, ask your plumber for a complete estimate before hiring him on the job. A complete estimate includes the fuel charges, insurance charges, and taxes. These charges are same from every plumber Auckland you choose. You should, however, ask for details and there should be no problem with that on the other end.

Ask for Estimate in Written Form

Another rule of thumb, ask for a written estimate to avoid any discomfort in the end. A written estimate will have all the details about each and every service and item availed. This includes the overhead charges, the material and supplies used and the labor cost. A good plumber such as KD Pluming Auckland will always communicate any extra charges that are off the estimate before moving ahead with the job.

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