Everyone wants a warm, cosy home when the weather is cold, snowy, or rainy. However, this can be difficult to achieve if your heating system is failing. If your home feels chilly, you may need to have the boiler inspected and replaced if it is beyond repair.

Boiler Too Old

In some cases, the age of the boiler may indicate that it should be replaced. If your home’s boiler has been in place for fifteen years or longer, the frequency of repairs and their costs will start mounting. Modern boilers are made with plastic and aluminium parts which are not made to last a lifetime. As repair costs add up, it may be less expensive to have a new boiler installed.

Yellow Flame

If you notice the flame of the boiler looks yellow, you need to contact a company who specialises in central heating – installation and servicing in Dunfermline. A yellow flame may indicate the boiler is producing carbon monoxide and, if the problem cannot be fixed, the boiler should be replaced. Carbon monoxide can be deadly when it builds up in a home, so don’t hesitate to replace the boiler if it is recommended.

Takes Time Warming

A boiler should be able to produce heat immediately when switched on and if yours doesn’t, that is a good indication that something is wrong with it. If you’ve had the same issue several times, then it is time to consider replacing the boiler. The cost you’re paying for frequent repairs may pay for the boiler in just a few short years.

You may also want to consider replacing the boiler if it has a low efficiency rating, because you could be spending more on energy bills than you need to be. By installing a boiler with a high efficiency rating, the operational savings could easily pay for the new boiler.