Your garage door is likely to be one of the largest moving pieces of your home and property. With its massive size and weight, it can be a major safety hazard when it begins to malfunction. The consequences of continuing to operate a broken garage door can undoubtedly be severe. To help you gain a better understanding of garage door safety, here are a few things that you should know about it.

You Should Never Go Under It While It is Moving

While this may seem obvious, far too many garage owners get in the habit of pushing the button to close their garage door and then attempting to go under it before it reaches the floor. This is something that you should NEVER do. The consequences of getting caught under a garage door as it closes can, in the most serious situations, be fatal.

Never Attempt to Repair Springs and Cables On Your Own

Another important thing to know about garage door safety is that you should never attempt to repair the springs and cables attached to your garage door on your own. If the cables snap or the springs become detached, it can result in serious injury.

Instead, you should enlist the assistance of a company that provides services related to garage doors in Staffordshire. Trusting a professional for repairs is always your best option.

You Should Have Maintenance Performed On Your Garage Door Regularly

As with any other machine, your garage door requires regular maintenance in order to ensure that it is working properly. There are several things that you can do safely on your own, although most companies will provide maintenance services at very affordable rates. It is always a good idea to at least hire a professional for the initial maintenance, so they can show you how you can properly perform self-maintenance in the future.


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