Replacing a roof is expensive so you want to do everything possible to prevent damage to it. While you cannot control severe weather, you can prevent roof damage caused by overgrown trees. When tree branches overhang the roof of your home, they can cause severe damage in several ways.

Provides Pest Access

The roof and eaves of your home can be damaged when pests such as insects, rodents, and other wildlife climb trees and have access to the roof of a house. It is the wood of the tree they are attracted to but many of the pests will also crawl onto the roof and into cracks, under tiles, and beneath the eaves into the house. They can further damage the roof’s structure so you need to prevent them by keeping the trees trimmed.

Damage Roofing

Overhanging branches from trees will also cause damage by scraping against the roof on windy days and during storms. The branches continuously brushing against the roof will cause the material to wear through and eventually allow moisture to get beneath the roofing. Fortunately, this damage can be repaired by Essex roofers and by having the branches trimmed or removed.

Falling on the Roof

Overhanging branches can also cause damage to the roofing and the roof’s structure by being blown down during a storm. Weakened or dying branches can also come crashing down during the winter when snow and/or ice accumulates and becomes too heavy for them. When they fall, they can cause severe damage to the roof, which could require extensive repairs.

By keeping the branches of the trees closest to your house trimmed, it can prevent many roofing problems. Pests will not be able to easily access your home via the roof and it will limit the damage that your roof and house could sustain during severe weather.



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