Whether you currently own a home, are looking to purchase a new home, or are in the process of building the house of your dreams, new garage doors will affect the appeal and value of your home. This article offers you information on what to consider, when purchasing a garage door, as well as insight on the latest innovations in garage door technology.

One of the most important considerations for a homeowner in the market for a new garage door is where to buy it from. If you are not a contractor yourself, you will want an expert in garage door installations to do the work. Anyone in the market for Las Vegas garage doors should contact Sun City Garage Doors and use their expertise for this very important purchase decision.

One of the benefits of garage door replacement is that the cost of the garage door is typically offset by a considerable return on investment (ROI). According to the 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, the ROI on a garage door replacement may exceed 90%. This makes an investment in a new garage door a wise choice.

The climate that you live in should play a role in your garage door selection process. Steel doors are popular because they are strong, are treated so that they do not rust and, when insulated, allow for a comfortable garage as well as reducing your energy costs. The cost of a steel door is relative to its quality. Thicker steel, better insulation, and weather stripping add to the cost of a steel door, but also add to its ROI and appeal.

Wood garage doors require more maintenance than other materials. Wood is susceptible to weather, so it may crack or warp if not regularly treated. This typically means repainting or refinishing every couple of years. If you would like a wood door but are concerned about these maintenance issues, consider a wood composite door that uses a steel base and composite wood finishes. 

Many garage doors are made with fiberglass and aluminum, or just aluminum. These doors are inexpensive, lightweight and rust proof. Unfortunately, fiberglass does not hold up well in extreme weather and both it and aluminum are easily dented. 

Regardless of which door you choose, you can take advantage of many advances in technology. You no longer need to carry a large garage door remote control transmitter in your car. Small transmitters that fit on your keychain are now common. You can also have a transmitter that requires a code to operate. This protects you, your family, and the contents of your home in case you lose your keys or your car is stolen. 

Another new trend is the use of remote controls that operate several appliances in your home. Imagine pulling into your driveway and when you open your garage your pre-programmed remote is also set to adjust your thermostat, turn on appliances, and lights. This technology exists today and as technology companies turn our houses into smart homes, there will be more of this integration between devices.

The purchase of a garage door is an investment in your home and should be something you discuss fully with an expert. Sun City Garage Doors are experts in sales, installation and service  of  Las Vegas garage doors. They can provide you with guidance and expertise when you are ready to purchase your next garage door.