Preparing small children for a move is always difficult, but it is even harder when you are looking at a long distance move. The best way you can help your child or children adjust to the idea of a long distance move is to make them an active part of it. By making them an active part of the move, you will be able to notice, talk about, and address any concerns or difficulties they are having right from the beginning.

Meet Sure Everyone Meets The Movers

When you tackling a long distance move, you will want to make sure that the Thousand Oaks moving company you hire, is not going to scare your children. Seeing a bunch of extremely muscular guys walking around the house, covered in tattoo’s might cause a little stress for your children. By asking your Thousand Oaks movers to sit down with your family when discussing the move, you can slowly acclimate your children to the idea of these moves being around to help.

Get Self Storage Units

One thing that helps prepare for a long distance move, that is often overlooked, is using self storage units. Children can pack their favorite toys and comfort items and have easy access to them. Parents can also place any necessities in these units to make the move easier. When you are moving a long distance, you will arrive before your Ventura County moving company will. Typically, anywhere from a day to a week beforehand. By having a few self storage units packed with your necessities you can load up your vehicles with the belongings, preventing any feelings of discomfort from haunting your children while they wait.

“Moving, regardless of whether it is across town or across the country, is going to be hard on your children,” says Listening to their concerns, and making plans to try and make it as comfortable as possible is the best way to make it an easy transition.