Security fences are a great preventive solution to guard against invaders. They act as a good deterrent to crime and help public installations combat criminal attacks. The traditional problems of break ins, robbery, vandalism still exist and a wide range of modern threats like data theft, contamination, identity fraud and risks to infrastructure are also present. Security fencing can enable to you significantly reduce all these threats. It protects homes and business properties from intrusion. It can also offer access control in a public area such as a commemorative memorial in a city. Modern security fencing is versatile and sophisticated. When planning to install this kind of barrier, there are a few things you should do. They include the following.

Select the thickness

The thickness of a fence is important. Fencing materials come in light duty, heavy duty and medium duty thicknesses. The level of thickness may not affect the appeal of the fence soon after installation, but it may affect it in the future. A thinner gauged fence is more likely to snap, bend or break due to long exposure to adverse climatic conditions. If you install a thinner gauge fence and it happens to rust, it will wear down faster. Thicker gauged fences also offer higher levels of security because they are stronger and more durable. They are therefore more difficult to damage.

Select a suitable material

Different kinds of materials are used to make security fencing. The popular metals used to make these fences are aluminum and steel. Steel is stronger, but it has a higher chance of rusting. Aluminum on the other hand is lightweight and is more likely to sustain dings and dents. Due to its light weight, an aluminum fence is ideal for installation in windy regions where fences can lean.

Select your style

Security fences are unique in some way even though they may look alike. These fences have unique designs within their style. For instance, you can select gothic styled security fencing or opt for a classical square style fence. You can also select designs, which include curves at the top or just opt for a straight and square option. Curved fence tops are more appealing than the straight option. Your fence can also look more appealing if it has caps for every baluster. The bars of your fence may be structured with a particular design. Another important element in style is spacing. You may choose spacing, which allows people to see your property or one that is tighter.

Select a height

Ideally, security fencing should be between five and six feet high. As you make the decision on the height of fence to install, you should consult the homeowners association in your neighborhood and look at city codes to determine if you can install a fence of a particular height. Many cities cap off the heights of fences at around six feet, but the rules of homeowners associations vary.

Consider landscape appeal

Security fencing can increase the appeal of our front or backyard. It can be custom designed to create a look that matches the appeal of your home or business property. Selecting a suitable color is essential so that the barrier will blend with your home. Black is common, but you may choose a color that complements the siding of your house or the area around the swimming pool. The other colors you may select include gray, white, desert sand, copper and moss green. Installing a fence in your yard will also help keep plants like shrubs and trees under control.

Select the signs to install

Along the fence line, it is advisable to install signs that indicate private secured areas. You can inform passersby that violators will be subject to arrest. Another thing that the signs can note is the presence of monitoring and alarm systems. With these signs, possible intruders will be aware of the consequences of trying to get through the fence.

Find an experienced security fencing firm

In order to achieve the best results when installing your fence, you should hire an experienced fencing contractor. If a fence company has been in business for many years, then it will not face challenges when erecting a barrier that meets all your demands. The company will draw a perfect design. It can also advise you on the best fence design for your property and install the fencing properly. You can find experienced contractors in your city by getting recommendations from the people you know or by reading the testimonials posted by the former clients of a fence company.



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