There are a large number of parameters that you need to remember while choosing the Right Fencing Design for Your Homes. While a beautiful fencing job increases the aesthetics of your home manifold, the correct fencing also provides the much needed privacy as also a sense of security.

Main considerations while deciding on your fencing

  • What is the need that you have in mind?
  • What preferences do you have while choosing the Fencing?
  • What is the budget?
  • Basic choice of the fencing material

What is the need for fencing?

  • Privacy Reasons-You have the option of choosing either a partial privacy or a complete privacy from the outside world. Privacy plays a very important role in giving you the perfect comfort zone as also personal space.
  • Security and Safety Concerns– The right kind of fencing, to a large extent, can provide security and safety to the house. Be it your kids or pets plying in the garden, with proper fencing you can always be at peace knowing that there is some kind of a guard available to ward off unwanted intrusion.
  • Aesthetics and value of your home– A properly done fencing job with the correct color coordination and execution adds that special personal signature to your home. To an outsider, it increases the appeal of your home and speaks volumes about the tastes of the people residing.

What preferences do you have while choosing the fencing?

Other than budget and other considerations, your personal preferences and sense of style should reflect in your chosen fencing. Today there are different kinds of material as also different kinds of styles from which you may choose the fencing that you prefer. The architectural style of your house, the landscaping that you have in your yard or garden and also the styles adopted in your neighborhood all need to play vital parts in deciding on the fencing.

What is the budget?

Budget is an important criterion that can definitely not be negated. One needs to remember that the cheapest fencing might not serve your purpose in the long run. This is because the cheapest material is usually non-durable, and you might have to end up spending again on replacing the fence. Maintenance cost, climatic conditions and installation costs should be taken into account while deciding on budget considerations. You might consider taking the help of fencing professional to understand what will work well in your situation.

Basic choice of the fencing material

There are three main types of fencing material that you might choose from keeping the other parameters like budget, preferences etc. in mind. They are wood, metal and vinyl (or PVC). Each material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Below are the details:

  • Wood Fencing– This style is the most suitable for people who prefer the natural beautiful look. This can be quickly and easily installed. Its look can also be changed from time to time by simply changing the color. It is also quite affordable and hence suits budgetary constraints.
  • Metal Fencing– This could either be Chain Link Fencing or even Ornamental Aluminium Fencing. There are different sub varieties available in this as well. Some of the advantages are that they need little to no maintenance, cost effective, graffiti- resistant and can also effectively provide security to pets.
  • Vinyl or PVC Fencing– This is the most popular due to the sheer set of advantages despite not being the cheapest. They are almost maintenance- free, does not need painting being UV protected, color permanence, no rusting or rotting, durable and flexible.


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