Did you already go out and buy bathroom tiles, or are you about to put in your order? The closer that you get to actually installing them, the more thought that you need to put into this process. Of course, you could hire a professional to do the job for you. However, this is something that you can learn to do on your own, especially if you keep the following things in mind:

1. The tiles must be even and level.
If they are not level, they could crack when people walk over them. You do not want the tiles to crack within the first few weeks that you own them.

2. The mortar dries very quickly.
Once you put the mortar down, get the tile in place quickly. If you wait too long, it can start to dry before you do.

3. Tearing tiles back out is all but impossible.
Make sure that you put those tiles in the right place. Getting them out and doing it again is a very difficult job, even for a professional.

4. You should not make too much mix at once.
The mix is going to dry in the bucket if you make too much at once. You should work with someone else so that they can make just the amount that you need as you put it down.

5. Ideally, you need to finish the job in one run.
It is best to finish on the same day that you start so that no water gets under the tiles, where it can freeze and break them.

6. The grout needs to be sealed after it is applied.
Grout sealant is good at keeping out moisture. It also helps it look new for longer.

7. Indoor tiles get very slick if you use them outside.
This does not mean that they are impossible to use, but you should use outdoor ones when you can.

8. Lines need to be cut perfectly.
A jagged line is not going to line up flush against the next tile. If you have to use that tile, use it on the outside edge.

9. Tiles should always be dry fit first.
You want to lay all of your pieces in place to ensure that they fit.

10. Measure once and then cut twice.
The old adage holds true with tile. Doing this can help to eliminate costly mistakes.


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