Find out the top Autumn and Winter trends for 2018/ 2019 so you can start to design your perfect home as the nights draw in.

Winter is here and the weather is likely to get dreary outside, but that doesn’t mean things have to be dreary inside! New seasons mean new opportunities for decorating and revamping your home to look chic, beautiful and to work with your families needs during different seasons.

Checkout these 6 Autumn/ Winter decor trends for inspiration:

The Western Front

There is usually some cultural influence in Autumn and Winter interior design, but it often comes from Scandinavia. So it is a nice surprise to see a different area of the world bringing incredible patterns and influence to decor this winter. Just some of the different aspects of the western front trend are:

  • Cactus everything, from lamps to candles, and then all over cushions and curtains
  • Textural influences are in rough and ready natural weaves in blankets and cushions
  • Earthy, natural shades are in everything that isn’t printed with a cactus

This trend is going to be everywhere this Autumn and Winter so get ready to see some gorgeous and colourful patterns in every shape and form, ready to jazz up your winter decor as quickly as you can say ‘navajo’.


Bright red is everywhere this winter, providing a gorgeous warm base for interior decor. One major scarlet addition is a bright red sofa, because it is a statement piece that sums up the entire trend. It is dramatic and so, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Alternatively you could try a bright red statement wall, some bright red curtains or simply splashes of bright red in your accessories with a statement cushion or rug. There is a place for this daring colour in your home, you just need to figure out where that is in relation to your taste.

Deep Green

Deep, earthy green is always in winter decor somehow, but it takes centre stage this year coming through in prints, shaped accessories and in rich and opulent marble. It works really well as a base colour for the winter, especially with rich velvet cushions and thick curtains.

Animal Print

Some would say that animal print is a fashion classic, but it can be a little too loud for some people in their homes. However, this winter, it is going to be a huge interior decor trend so now could be the perfect time to embrace your inner ROAR! Leopard print cushions, blankets and even candles are everywhere. It goes really well with neutral tones so you don’t have to make any big chances to your home to include it in your winter look. Neural flooring is a good way to go, try Décor Tiles.


Winter florals are in some accessories combined with animal print to make a loud statement. They are also based with dark hues in other designs depending on the accessory. They do add some interest to winter decor and you can easily get on board with the trend using accessories like cushions or bed covers, for a small budget. Alternatively there are wallpapers and more dramatic floral statements to be had if you feel like livening up your Autumn and Winter indoor scene.

Enjoy yourself creating an indoor space that you love, including lively prints, colours and accessories that take your home from summer sleek, to winter chic.