Air conditioning plays a major role in the home and having it break down can be the source of major inconveniences. Sometimes, the repair service could be taking longer to come to your rescue while the problem is something that you could easily take care of by yourself. It is important to remember that if you’re not sure about something, it is best to leave it to the professionals but sometimes, all you need to know is what the problem might be and you might probably have a solution.

  1. The filter

One of the greatest reasons why your air conditioner might be having problems functioning right is a clogged air filter. In most cases, the user’s manual comes with the directions on how you can change a dirty filter. First, you need to check if the filter could actually be causing all the problems. The easiest test for this is to check if there is any light that is going through the filter. It is important to check your air filter regularly since it can cause the system to freeze.

  1. Thermostat

The thermostat is the device that controls the temperature setting in your home. If it is not functioning properly, you are assured of a very uneasy stay in the house. If your system is misbehaving, before considering any air conditioning repair, you should check to make sure that the thermostat is turned on. You should also constantly check to make sure it is level and the setting is correct.

  1. Refrigerant leaks

This is one of those breakdowns that should be left to the professionals at All American. But, that does not mean that there’s nothing you can do. A leaking coolant can be the source of many problems including overheating in the system. It is important to identify the leak and shut off the system immediately. Depending on the location of the leak the cost of repair will differ. Nonetheless, switching off the system will prevent further damage and possibly save you from even more costs.

  1. Drainage

The drain line of any air conditioner is very important and needs to be kept clean and free of debris at all times. If there are any problems, they could be caused by accumulated lint and dirt. Usually, this causes the drain pan to fill up ultimately causing a water leak. If you notice any leaks, the first remedy would be to check the drainage and make sure nothing is causing a clog.

  1. Breaker or fuses

Breakers and fuses help to safeguard the motor and compressor from overheating or getting damaged by an overload. If your air conditioner stops working, the breaker or fuse could be at fault. You can refer to your user manual on how to change the fuse. .

Air conditioning repair does not always mean that you need to call the repair service. There are some minor checks that you can do that could save you time and discomfort and some don’t even require you to have any DIY knowledge. If you feel the problem at hand is beyond you, it is always better to have a professional look at it.