One of the most important appliances in your kitchen is your refrigerator. This simple appliance lets you keep drinks and snacks on hand for your family, store all the ingredients that you need for making meals and keep your leftovers at the perfect temperature. Before your old refrigerator dies, you’ll likely notice some issues like the noises that it produces and the warmer temperature of the inside. While you can run out and buy the first fridge that will fit your budget, you can also take the time to learn what to look for in a new one.


Stainless steel is one of the top materials for home appliances. Many people love the shiny look of the metal and the value that it adds to their homes, but others aren’t fond of the dirt and fingerprints that show on that metal. You might prefer a Sub Zero refrigerator that has a different type of material on the outside. These appliances are available in wood finishes that will match your kitchen cabinets and in dozens of other colors. Companies that offer Miami Sub Zero service will help you maintain that appliance and protect your investment too.


Not all refrigerators are exactly the same, which is why it’s so important that you look at the different types on the market. Some people prefer fridges with a freezer on the top, a fridge on the bottom and doors that provide access to both. You can mount the doors on either side based on which hand is your dominant one. A side by side model has a refrigerator on one side and a freezer on the other. There are also models that have two doors on the top for the refrigerator and a freezer drawer that slides open from the bottom and smaller refrigerators that have a small built-in freezer.

Other Features

It’s also important that you look at some of the other features to decide what your family needs. Smart refrigerators let you get a look inside without opening the door and help you keep track of your grocery list. You may want a model that has individual temperature controls inside that keep certain areas cooler than others or models with shelving that you can adjust based on the ingredients and products that you buy. Think about these features as well as type and material as you pick out a new refrigerator.