The One The Others Follow

Since 1958, ThearmaSol has been offering steam showers and other steam-powered products to their clients. They met with incredible success and have never stopped innovating. In fact, their success has led many others to pursue the power of steam and what it can offer to their customers. However, there’s no beating the leader and originator who has done it so well.

You may be wondering just what a steam shower even is. As its name might suggest, it’s a shower that utilizes steam to relax and clean. No doubt you’ve heard of saunas and other luxurious spas that focus on steam for a relaxing and detoxifying environment. This experience is something that Therma wishes to bring home to you. They have numerous products available designed to completely transform your typical shower into a place of absolute luxury.

Steam Benefits

Before you jump right into it and build your own steam shower, you may be wondering what benefits steam can offer you. After all, why make the change if it doesn’t do anything for you, right? Steam actually possesses numerous health benefits which is why it has become so popular among luxury spas and high-class salons. Not to mention most of those “miracle sites” that hark magical healing properties all possess some form of steam.

Among the first of many benefits is muscle relaxation. Because steam is basically moist and warm air, it makes your blood vessels widen. This allows for easier blood flow which allows for more oxygen to be passed to your muscles, relaxing them. It also has a powerful effect on respiratory health. Those with breathing issues typically find their issues lessened after some time spent in a steam shower as the steam works to reduce phlegm and irritation in the throat. Basically, it loosens up all the nasty mucus in the lungs and throat.

For those with dry skin, you can do no better than a steam shower. The steam hydrates your skin and offers better blood circulation. This is especially important for women who tend to have poor blood circulation right from the get-go. Because steam is used in saunas, you get all the detoxifying benefits in your own home. By sweating, you’re actually allowing your body to release toxins that have built up inside of your body. You’ll feel rejuvenated after a nice steam shower session.

Build Yours Today

There are tons of benefits to be experienced when using a steam shower. With Therma, you can design your dream shower and enjoy those benefits yourself.