Your home may feel like winter has arrived in the middle of the living room. There are drafts entering from nearly every corner. The fact that your furnace is fighting these cold drafts translates into lost energy and wasted money. Take a look at how you can make your home more energy efficient this winter with a few tips from the experts.

Install Weatherstripping

Take a cue from heating repair Austin professionals and tackle those drafty areas first. The door and window frames are common spaces for drafts. Adding weatherstripping to these transition points will cut down on those chilly conditions.

Use durable rubber that adheres with ease. The best weatherstripping will last for several seasons when it’s properly installed.

Service the Furnace

Activating the furnace without any care for the internal components is a risky venture. As the temperatures drop outside, you need a reliable system that’s been evaluated by the professionals, including Daniel’s Austin.

Call the professionals for a furnace tuneup. They’ll replace the filter, clean out the main parts and test the system. If any parts require adjustments, they’ll perform the work and document it. Your home can be warm and toasty with a well-maintained system.

Add Darkening Drapes to the Windows

You may wonder about adding darkening drapes to your windows in the winter, but there is a good reason for them. They’re not meant to block the sun during this time of year. Open them up wide during the day to let the sunlight warm the home. Tightly close them at night. They’re thick enough so that any cool breezes will be held back by the material.

Clean Out the Ducts

The ducts are pathways attached to your furnace that funnel the warm air into each room. They can fill up with dust and grease over time, however. Hire the professionals to clean out the ducts as much as possible. They can reach almost any space in the system. If you have any allergy sufferers in the household, this particular service will help with a clear mind and respiratory system.

Insulate the Attic

You may not enter the attic very often, but it does influence the temperature within the rest of the home. Insulate the attic, and you’ll notice that the furnace doesn’t work very hard anymore.

It’s ideal to test your furnace during the warmer months because a service call will be easier to schedule. The household won’t be uncomfortable either. Prioritize the furnace’s maintenance every year so that winter won’t feel so cold. The house can be a reprieve from the seasons.