Gardening can often seem like hard work which is why some prefer to either pay someone else to do it or simply make their gardens as low maintenance as possible. One of the ways that this can be achieved is by choosing to lay artificial or synthetic grass in place of cultivating a real lawn by using turf.

There is no right or wrong answer but there are some benefits to both methods of which we’re going to provide an overview in this guide. If you want to find out which might be best for you, keep reading to learn more.

What is Turf?

Turf is a strip of grass that has been cultivated specifically for use as a grass lawn. It can be purchased from any garden centre where it is usually sold in rolls which are designed to be laid onto a bed of soil. The roots of the turf then take hold and provide a high quality real lawn without having to plant seeds and wait for them to grow.

It should be noted that turf is of course real grass and will need to be watered and cared for just as you would with any garden lawn. The pros and cons of real grass lawns include;

  • An easy and low-cost solution to achieving the perfect lawn with minimal effort.
  • The only way to achieve a realistic looking grass surface.
  • A turf lawn will still need to be cut at least once a month to ensure it remains tidy and healthy.

What is Synthetic Grass?

Synthetic grass on the other hand is a grass substitute which is designed to provide a low maintenance replacement for traditional grass surfaces. It is most commonly seen on small football pitches or as a surface used for playing tennis on but can also be used in your garden. The pros and cons include:

  • An outdoor surface which looks great and replicates the appearance of grass.
  • Minimal maintenance due to no watering or cutting being required.
  • A life span of 15 – 20 years before replacement.
  • It can be expensive to lay as the whole garden will need to be dug up and a bed of sand laid.

Which is Right for You?

That would depend on your requirements. One of the biggest issues with synthetic grass is that it will never look as good as a real lawn. When you touch the surface or even get up close, you will clearly see that the blades of grass aren’t real.

If this doesn’t matter to you and all you wish for is a tidy and well-presented garden, synthetic grass is likely to be the answer to all your problems. The biggest point for consideration for most people will be that laying turf is much cheaper than laying synthetic grass, which might go same way to help people overlook the additional maintenance requirements. Before coming to a decision, we would suggest obtaining an accurate idea of costs for both options.

Whatever you decide, both options make a great choice for both small and large gardens alike.