You never stop learning new gardening techniques and information and that’s why it is perfectly understandable that you might sometimes find yourself stumped by a problem that could be anything from how to get rid of some stubborn weeds or hungry pests.

There is almost always an answer to your particular dilemma and more than likely there is going to be a simple solution available, even when the problem seems complicated.

Here is an overview of how to deal with unruly plants, tackle pests, and keep your flowers healthy, plus some simple but effective tips on breeding plants.

Size matters

A common issue that many amateur gardeners struggle with is the feeling that they are not in control of their garden and the plants are growing so fast and spreading so quickly, it is creating a real maintenance headache.

The main point to remember is that some plants are simply not suitable for the average size garden.

It is always a good idea to check what size each species will grow to and how much looking after they need. If you have a plant that has managed to outgrow its space far too quickly, the bad news is that it is always going to be an issue unless you dig it up and replace it with something more suitable and less prolific with its growing tendencies.

Less than healthy look

Most plants have a good way of telling you if they are sick or don’t like where you have placed them.

Every time you plant something in your garden it pays to think about three key factors, breeding, light, and soil.

You wouldn’t be much of a gardener if you didn’t know that plants need plenty of light, but if you don’t think about that most basic need they are going to droop and flop rather as their way of showing they are not happy.

Your soil needs to be well watered and contain the right amount of nutrients if you are going to achieve success with your plants and enjoy a lush lawn. You also have to resort to pest control methods like rodent smoke bombs if pests are digging up your garden and ruining your hard work.

Breeding issues

As your gardening know-how evolves you will probably want to experiment with breeding and if you like the idea of plant breeding you will likely want to try and create some big and showy flowers.

What you have to be wary of is the larger flowerheads will be heavier, and that means they can droop or even collapse under the weight, especially when there is heavy rainfall.

If that becomes too much with all the tying and staking needed to keep them upright, you might want to choose some more natural looking flowers which are also insect friendly, as an added bonus.

You might think that some of the gardening problems you are having are difficult to put right but rest assured there is very often a simple solution you can use.