If you are a fashionista or just love your clothes, you understand how therapeutic and time saving an organized closet can be. Cloth hangers are designed for different purposes and from different materials. It is up to you to decide the right hangers that give your closet a neat appearance. But, you must start by understanding the different types of hangers available, their pros and cons. They include;

  1. Wire hangers

Wire hangers are quite common because they are long lasting and durable. Additionally, they can be helpful around the house. For example, they are used to unclog sinks, unlock car doors when you lock yourself out or make an HDTV antenna. Despite all their uses, they are relatively cheap.  They are easy to rust, can discolor some fabrics, and some are not wide enough to hold bulky clothes. Wire hangers are good to have because they can come in handy during different situations. However, they should not be the ultimate choice when exploiting a wholesale clothes hangers offer.

  1. Plastic hangers

Plastic hangers are better for holding clothes as compared to wire hangers. They do not discolor certain fabrics and are durable.  A wholesale clothes hangers offer would be ideal when buying plastic hangers. To ensure uniformity, you must buy all your plastic hangers at the same time, and from one supplier, lest you end up with differently shaped hangers and a rainbow of colors in your closet.

  1. Wooden hangers

Wooden hangers are designed for the people looking for an exquisite closet feel. These hangers offer a touch of elegance and different textures to choose from. Their strong wooden material guarantees durability and long-term service at an affordable price. They can also be ordered in different colors to match your closet’s interior décor.

  1. Velvet hangers

Velvet hangers are relatively new in the market. However, their visual features like chrome hooks and thin plastic with flocked surface have made them quite popular. Their velvet-like surface triggers friction to prevent clothes from slipping. Apart from good online reviews, velvet hangers are reasonably priced to offer your closet a much-needed aesthetic boost. Their main drawback is that they collect dirt fast and they are not easy to clean

Everyone uses hangers, and choosing the wrong type can cause serious wardrobe malfunctions. Hence, the need to utilize wholesale clothes hangers is key to satisfying your purpose and style.