We all have plastic food storage containers lying around in our kitchen, in fact we probably have more than we would actually need or want. But have you ever thought about the different uses you could find for such items? Well we have, and here are our favourite practical uses that you can start using right now.

Organising non-food items

This one can apply to any size of your containers, from tiny Tupperware that could hold paper clips or craft bits and bobs, to screws, nails and washers. All the way to larger food storage containers that make the perfect accessory for cluttered drawers, you can use them to tidy up, hold cutlery, protect decorations… the possibilities are endless.

Planting pots

Again, you can use a variety of container size pots here. The smallest ones can be used for the germination process, and you can transition to larger containers once the seedlings have grown to large, healthy plants.

Snack Storage

Not only are plastic containers a super storage device for handy snacks, they make great pourers too. That means they are great for storing sugar, salt, coffee and other easy pour items.

Piggy Banks

Do you always lose your loose change? Do not fret about that any longer with your new plastic container. You can easily count your pennies if your container is clear too, so you can see how your savings are progressing as you go! Not only do you help save the environment, you save your money too!

Rubbish Bin

Spare plastic containers can easily become handy rubbish bins if you do not have a waste paper basket lying around. They are super easy to clean too, so you can reuse them again and again.

A Vertical Garden

By attaching your plastic containers to walls you can create a vertical garden. Do not forget to put holes in the bottom of the containers to ensure proper drainage, and you can create a delightful herb garden even without having any ground space at all.

These are our favourite uses of plastic storage containers, but there are millions of other uses, why don’t you let us know your favourites in the comments? http://www.thekitchn.com/7-snack-stations-and-setups-to-help-you-organize-snacks-at-home-kitchen-organization-inspiration-201802