Lemon is a natural degreaser and disinfectant and is present in many cleaning products. Due to the environmental awareness of Visit SYK Cleaning, it is necessary to use this type of products to cause a lower environmental impact.

These are some of the uses that lemon can have when you cleaning your home.

  1. To clean the floor

A bucket of hot water with lemon is an efficient, ecological and super effective solution that helps to disinfect the soil and perfume with a natural, lasting and refreshing smell.

  1. To eliminate bad odors

This is very effective to eliminate odors of food in the refrigerator. Just place some slices of lemon on a plate with a little salt and leave it until the smell disappears and you begin to feel the fragrance of the lemon in an unpleasant place or food in bad condition that is so complicated to remove.

We can also use it in the microwave and in a faster way. Place lemon juice in a glass and heat in the microwave for a few minutes, this will eliminate the smell and in turn, will help disinfect and clean the microwave.

  1. Clean kitchen utensils

Use half a lemon to rub like a sponge on stained utensils with blood such as a cutting board, grills or pans, let it act until the next day and you will see how the stains are gone.

  1. Remove marble stains

You just have to use half a lemon and a little salt to rub the place where that terrible stain is on your marble countertop and you can eliminate it without any problem.

  1. To eliminate the lime marks of the casseroles

If you want to eliminate the marks left in the pots when boiling water, you only need to add a few slices of lemon and boil it with a little water. Then allow it to sit for a couple of hours and clean the pot normally to remove marks easily.

  1. To clean the faucets

In the same way that it serves to clean the pots, we can use it to clean the taps. Heat a little lemon juice and moisten a cloth in it, then use the cloth to clean the faucets and remove the ugly marks.

  1. Clothing grease stain remover

If we moisten the stain with a little lemon juice and let it act for half an hour before washing the garment, we will make the stain come out more easily.

  1. To clean the shower

With a mixture of water and lemon, you can eliminate the terrible mold that forms between the joints in the shower. If you cannot remove it on the first pass due to that is very stuck, let it act for several minutes and then try again and you will get it without problems.

  1. Clean TVs and monitors

Only by moistening a cloth with a little lemon juice, we can clean the screen of the TV or monitor and remove any dirt without problems. Vinegar is also a good option but the scent of lemon is more pleasant.