Vintage and antique two kinds of furniture are the most sought after ones when it comes to choosing the furniture with a difference. Especially the vintage products are now in vogue due to their remarkable appeal and designs. Most of the people get confused when it comes to antique and vintage furniture, but they are not same. So let’s check out first which one can be called antique and which ones is vintage furniture. Vintage item is the ones which are made of pure handmade, and no machine is used to cut or design the woods. On the other hand, the vintage furniture is typically those which are made after 1860 and that cannot be classified as the contemporary. Amongst these three kinds of furniture styles, the vintage ones are in use right now due to its astounding designs coupled with its appeal.

What makes furniture a real vintage item?

Not each and every piece of old furniture can be classified as the vintage product rather becomes a vintage one the furniture has to have certain qualifications. The age of the furniture plays a great role in this case. The furniture which is made more than thirty years ago but not crosses the sixty years they can be called as the vintage furniture. Starting from simple chair to a decorated wall unit anything can come in this category if it fulfils the requirements. The quality has to be higher, means the material that is used to make this piece should be of top quality.

Purchasing of vintage item

If you are keen to decorate your home with the vintage item, then you can have ample options in the market. A variety of sources is there, but you have to choose the best one as not each and every store sell all kinds of vintage products. But you have to remember that the vintage items do not come with cheaper price tags. Thus, you may have to pay a bit higher in comparison to the contemporary furniture. But, on the other hand, if you want furniture with vintage look and affordable price, then you can go for the new vintage furniture which is made with cheaper materials and resemble vintage items.

The shops which are known for selling the pre-owned goods they can be your best bet in case of finding the top quality and authentic vintage items. Apart from that, you can also visit the auction shops and online stores as well. The Internet can be your best medium in the case of searching for this kind of furniture as you don’t have to move an inch yet you can get all the details and online portals which sell vintage items.

If you are obsessed with the vintage and antique furniture, then you can take the help of online as it can give you a plethora of options in this. But before buying anything make sure that the site is authentic and you are getting the same product for which you are paying hefty amounts too.