Have you been planning to purchase a home near a water body? Well, nothing can be compared to the idea of waterside living –ahh, the beauty of nature! Of course, all of us know that there are plenty of benefits that we can reap by staying near a river or sea, making our life all the more convenient and interesting. But, if truth be told, that’s not the complete story; in fact, having a home near a water body also has its shortcomings.

So, before you make up your mind does take a look at the below-mentioned advantages and disadvantages of waterside residence.

Pros of a home near a water body

Cool atmosphere

The air near a water body is always cool and fresh so much so that it can refresh your mood as well as boost your health. This would not only reduce your boredom from a tedium day, but also make you feel better. The fresh climate will keep you energised the whole day and you’ll be able to get your creative juices flowing.

Go fishing anytime

Fishing is not only a fun activity, but also a means to get yourself some tasty seafood. Imagine you sitting with your loved ones on a rock near the river and having fun with these small water creatures– yeah, it’s that amazing! Moreover, with a house near a water body, your Sundays will not be boring anymore and you will always have plenty of options to spend quality time with your dear ones.


Don’t have a swimming pool in your home? Don’t worry, because you won’t need it anymore while living close to a river or sea. With this fine locale, you are free to go swimming anytime you wish to. You don’t need any pre-planning for that, just make your mind, pick up the swimming costume and get going for a nice dip in the water.


After working for hours the entire week, are you looking for a place to relax and relieve all your tensions? Well, simply go and sit on the terrace or balcony of your house near the sea and listen to the soothing sound of waves. You could also take a walk in the calm and cold water of the river, believe us, it will surely blow away your worries and help you rejuvenate.

Irrigation and farming

If you are into farming and agriculture, then a house near water resources is a heaven for you, as you will always have enough water for irrigation. Add to that, the land will also remain fertile and productive.

Cons of a home near a water body

Everything that comes with benefits also comes with its shortcomings. That being said, even a home near a water body has its downsides. Let’s have a look of the same:

Risk of Mosquitoes

Water bodies have always been a home for infectious flies, especially mosquitoes. These creatures could be dangerous for you, as it causes several diseases from malaria to other infections.

Water animals

By living in a close-to-water home, you are also close to dangerous water animals like crocodiles, snakes and other dangerous water creatures. So it’s essential for you to be very careful and alert while living there, otherwise it can cost you your own life.


Of course, there’s no doubt that waterside living is a plus when it comes to irrigation, but have you ever thought about the frequent floods that a riverside area faces? For sure, this can leave a negative impact on your everyday meal and pull back your financial life. Not to mention, erosion could be another serious problem of having a waterside home.

Water Pollution

As we all know, a water body has several visitors every day. These people are there to walk, eat, drink and have fun, which leads us to one thing – dumping of trash or waste in it and making the area a pile of garbage.

Reduced performance of vehicles and electric appliance

Another downside of living near a sea or river is your vehicles get corroded sooner. Also the lifespan of electric appliances is likely to be affected, dramatically reducing its performance.  Similarly, it decreases the performance and lifetime of other electric appliances like Fridge, TV, AC, Radiator, ceiling fan and Grinder.

Now that you have both the pros and cons of waterside living, weigh them down properly before taking any decision. Do a fair analysis on your part and only then decide whether you want to buy one or not.