Whether you should do away with that leaky faucet, repair that burst pipe, or overhaul the entire plumbing structure, you need qualified plumbers to take care of the project. Here are some useful tips to help you save money while hiring plumbing professionals for your home improvement projects.

Do not just compare the hourly rates

It is important to compare the hourly rates to look for an affordable solution however that may not be the wisest decision always. Hiring a reputed plumbing company with affordable charges is not always the best solution. Do not simply go for a company that has been around for many years and is well known. It may not give you the desired result as expected. Get references from past customers to know about the provider. You may even opt for a prescreened plumbing service.

The comparison of hourly rates is also different across plumbers, as some of them also include the time to travel to client’s places into account. It is best to choose a plumber on how consistently he provides customer satisfaction, whether in terms of quality of services, affordability of rates or punctuality.

Reduce needs for plumbing

As is said, prevention is better than cure. You should try to maintain your plumbing system well to minimize calling plumbing professionals as much as possible.

  • Drains are a common reason why plumbing professionals are called. In many homes, one or two drains create problems and need more attention. Accumulation of grease in them can lead to blockage issues. Use various cleaning products to be able to minimize blocked drain problems. Pouring down boiling sudsy water through the drain after a few days can be very effective.
  • Get rid of hair that might be trapped in the drain cover or screen. Do this at regular intervals. You can prevent clogged pipe issues as much as possible.
  • You can also avoid frozen pipe problems by making sure that all the pipes are insulated well enough. When the climate gets chilly, open up the outdoor faucet and switch off the cut-off valve on the inside that is placed close to the faucet. In case you do not find a cut-off valve, set one up.

Purchase plumbing fixtures on your own

You can also save money by purchasing plumbing fixtures on your own and not relying on your plumber to buy them. Plumbers generally sell faucets, toilets and sinks that they are supposed to set up. Generally, they get such items at a discounted rate and you are charged the full cost or market price.

It is a better idea to buy the fixtures from home center stores that sell such items at a more discounted price than suppliers offer to plumbing professionals.

Reduce the service period for the plumber

Before calling up a plumber, check all the systems that need a fix and write them down in a diary. Note down all that runs, drips or is choked. You can call the plumber and get all the issues fixed in one trip. This will help you to avoid paying consultation charges every time you call a plumber. By reducing the service time for the plumber, you can save a lot of money.

Set up fixtures that save water

Rather than spending unnecessarily on a series of repairs, you can make wise investments and get good fixtures that can save you money over a long term. In case of an older toilet that guzzles a lot of water, you can completely replace it. The same goes for showerheads and faucets. Get new units that can save water, and reduce consumption of water naturally. Keep in mind that sewage and water treatment can be expensive.


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