Hedges can be used to enhance a garden of any size. Planting them in multiples or as a singular statement, hedges are a versatile enhancement to any garden. With a little research, you can select the right combination of plants. Garden hedges add curb appeal and can be grown in a row to create both visual privacy and sound protection. With a little hedge trimming, you can train shrubs to grow anywhere between two and twenty feet. Think of all the aesthetics this will bring to your garden and consider all the options. You can do so much with the long rows!

The brightly colored emerald boxwood hedge is a great choice for a low profile hedge. This fast growing shrub is perfect for long walk ways and can be used separate certain areas within a garden. It can be trimmed to suit any shape preference. Use your imagination and if they grow enough, you can practice a lot of trimming and make shapes you can enjoy just looking at. Those shapes will also be enjoyable for people passing the house. And if you cannot develop the skill but still want it, visit a gardening company and ask for reliable gardeners who can do it for you. All you have to do then is think of the shape you want.

The most common shrub used for garden hedges is of course the privet hedge. This fast growing bushy hedge can be grown as tall as fifteen feet. Planting them in multiples along a property line can create an outdoor green room. They can be trimmed to create walls protecting the garden from the noise of cars or nosy neighbors.

Those that are focused on achieving great heights out of their hedge collection should consider the thuja emerald is a great choice. The unique cone shape growth pattern makes the evergreen stand out. They can be planted alone or in a row. Since this scrub achieves heights similar to that of trees, the thuja may require tree surgery from time to time to keep them looking their best. In landscaping, they can be planted as capstones at the edge of houses to take advantage of their impressive heights.

While all three alternatives will require a regular watering schedule and pruning to achieve desired results, garden hedges can provide years of privacy and visual interest for years to come. Apply the necessary garden care and they will thrive in your garden for as long as you take care of them. Enjoy your new style of garden and show it off to your friends and neighbours to get some envy towards you.


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