Oven is a common electrical device used in modern age kitchens. With the prolonged and continuous use of oven, there is a possibility that you find issues in its working. In those circumstances, it is required that you perform occasional cleaning of it and take help of a reliable oven repair firm.

Uneven cooking of food

If you find that some part of the food is cooked and other part is uncooked, then you need to check the device to find out the issue. This can be due to failure in the heating element in the oven. Check the colour of the heating element when it is in the hot condition. Find out whether has a red or uniform orange colour. The best way is to get the heating element repaired by an authorized service agency. An oven repair guide will help you with the possible failures in the machine and reliable ways to solve them.

Oven door is not getting sealed completely

This problem is related to the oven door. This happens when the door fails to seal and the seal connects with the oven body outside the door. This can be caused due to heat exposure and the deposition of debris. This leads to damage in the door. You can try taking out the old seal and buy a new replacement seal and keep it in the desired place.

Always ensure that the seal you are using is from the manufacturer. If the problem doesn’t solve with this measure then you should seek the assistance of an experienced oven repair company to solve the issue.

Unable to keep a steady temperature

This is a very common issue that is seen in most of the ovens these days. Instability of temperature or varying temperatures is an indication of a fault in the thermostat. Dealing with the thermostat for resolving this issue depends on the model. In some ovens, you may even need to recalibrate your thermostat. If you are unable to do it on your own, then calling an expert technician can help you in recalibrating the oven or replacing the faulty thermostat.

No heating

Sometimes the oven does not provide due heating because there is some issue in the electricity supply to the entire unit. A blown a fuse would definitely be the cause behind it. To troubleshoot this issue, you need to check the condition of your circuit breakers.

Also, test the outlet using another device to make sure that the device is been getting a proper power supply. Now disconnect the electricity supply to evaluate the oven for a fuse box. You can try flipping the circuit breakers as well as replace blown out fuses if required.


Learning about the possible technical issues in the oven would help in quick identification and repair of the device. Calling a professional and authorized oven repair company would help you in bringing your oven again to the best working state.