When you have a leaking tap, you will want to call a plumber as soon as possible. The leaking water can cause puddles on the floor and can cause the walls of the bathroom or kitchen to become marked. A leaking tap can also add to your water bill if you leave it without bothering to get it fixed,

A leaking tap is a simple job for an experienced plumber. They will carry out a full inspection of the leaking tap and the pipes that are connected to it. Then the plumber will be able to perform a repair that will be efficient and cost-effective at the same time.

What are the most common causes of a leaking tap and how will they be fixed by the plumber?

Worn Out O-Ring

The tap is made up of many different parts, including the O-ring. This type of ring is used to make sure that the handle of the tap is kept in place. However, sometimes the O-ring becomes detached from the screw that is meant to hold it in place. When this happens, the handle of the tap is going to become loose and it may not work very well or at all.

The damaged O-ring needs to be removed by recommended plumbers in Southampton. Then they will be able to fix a new one in place. This means that the handle of the tap is going to be completely stable and it will turn properly without any issues.

Corrosion In The Valves

The valves are designed to hold the components of the tap together. If the valve becomes rusted or starts to become loose, then water will leak every time that you turn the tap on. The plumber will inspect the tap and they will discover that the valve is the problem. They will be able to replace the valve with one that is not damaged or rusted at all.

This means that you will be able to use the tap without any further problems.

Damaged Washer

The washer is a rubber disk that cushions the valves. The washer presses against the valves when the tap is turned on, which can lead to the washer becoming damaged. You will need to have the worn-out washer replaced with a brand new one by the plumber. Then you will be able to turn on the tap without getting a leak.

Parts Becoming Loose

When you turn the tap on and off, the different parts are subjected to a high amount of pressure. This is not going to be much of an issue when the tap is completely brand new. However, you might start to experience some problems with old taps. The pressure can cause the different parts of the water tap to come loose. You might notice that the base of the tap is not as sturdy as it once was, or the handle might turn too easily. When this happens, water can leak.

Hire a plumber to fix troublesome taps.