Furniture does not only serve the function of usability but it also serves the function of decoration. Therefore while choosing them we must do so wisely, so that we can be pleased to look at them for many years to come. Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities occupy a special place in that discussion, because they concern the two most important areas of any house. You should choose the right kind of wood for them to serve their individual purposes. You should also concentrate upon selecting the right kind of colors for them that suit your tastes and room decoration purposes. Here are a few suggestions, as to what colors you can choose for your kitchen and bathroom furniture.

The Café Vienna Color

This is more than just a color; it is in fact a style all together that makes any kitchen or bathroom look really regal and beautiful. The color in question is a rich and warm hue of chocolate that can make any furniture look enticing. Some websites are even selling such cabinets for discounts, which is pretty rare as this particular style and color are very luxurious and always in demand, so companies manufacturing them need not always offer discounts for them. Some companies are now offering 20% discounts and therefore this is the right time for you to go and buy them, as you would get such an exquisite style and color for much lesser costs than usual.

The White & Cherry Shaker Colors

This is a classic style and comes in two colors white and cherry. The classic ‘Shaker’ style is more popular with the residential consumers rather than the commercial. The cherry stained ones even come in different hues of cherry, so you can have more choices under one category. These range from the burnt reddish hues to the sober light reddish ones. The white cherry shaker ones come in more somber shades of cherry stain and this style even includes the whole furniture set to be painted in white keeping the style intact as ‘Shaker’. So you get both light red and white as alternatives for the ‘White Cherry Shaker’ sub category. The highlight of this kind of style is that if you choose to go for it against a backdrop wall color of white then the beauty that you get to behold is just out of this world. The red cherry stain just gloriously gleams through the whole scene and the pearl white background just highlights that even more. The color is beautiful and exotic to say the least.

The Glazed Maple Color

As the name says it, the color in question is that of glazed maple i.e. a light brownish color that has been given a glossy finish. Here too the shades of the same color being offered are multiple and mind-blowing. You have to understand that color is such a uniquely mysterious thing that if you consider even a lighter shade of it then the resultant hue you get appears to be quite different from the original. This is even truer for glossy shades and when you put different hues of the same color on pieces of furniture this difference is exposed more substantially. These days a particular finish given to the glazed maple color is very popular. It is the ‘Burnt Sienna’ finish which will give your glazed maple furniture an absolutely unique shade of brown that has not been used before. It’s a play of colors; in fact, a play of different shades of just one color, which is the Glazed Maple. This ‘Burnt Sienna’ finish is ideal for bathroom vanities and such furniture are getting sold on wholesale throughout the internet. It’s very popular, but this color also suits kitchen furniture too, so you can choose them for your kitchen as well.

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