Ridge vents are a common sight in Indianapolis roofing systems. There is a possibility that you too have a ridge vent installed in your house, which you have never paid attention to. Only when it starts to leak, you realize it. For effective prevention, one should know about its causes and ways to repair it.

What is basically a ridge vent?

Ridge vent is an affordable attic ventilation system. It allows hot and humid air to completely escape from the attic. Simultaneously, cooler air can easily be sucked again into the attic. This form of air circulation ensures that the attic remains dry and prevents warping of decking and other wood based furniture.

Causes of leakage of a ridge vent

An improper installation of roof is the main reason behind the leakage. A proper ridge installation for a “shingle over style” needs 3 inches nails. In most of the ridge vents, this measurement is not used. 1.5 to 2 inches nails are being used.

This measurement is not appropriate, as it cannot hold onto the decking and can be withered away by the wind. Only a reputed local roofer 46203 will be able to help you get the right measurement.

Other causes are:

  • Fractured or cracked piped boots
  • Damaged Ridge Vents
  • Cracked and corroded flashing

How to inspect and repair ridge vent in roofing Indianapolis?

For quick identification of such issues, first of all, it is required that one should perform regular inspection of the roof every year. Best would be to perform it twice before the onset of the winter season.

Examine the condition of ridge vents and figure out issues such as nail pops, missing shingle tabs, ridge vents and rotted pipe boots. Calling roof repair and replacement experts is an ideal thing to do for complete replacement of roof, which will be supported by a leak-free warranty for ten years.


These are some of the common issues and their solutions to treat a leaking ridge roof vent effectively. Getting the help of a professional plumbing or roofing contractor would help in simplifying this issue.