When considering a roof or home upgrade, you may have come across the term of “roughcasting”. Roughcasting is a finishing technique used in building construction. During the process, aggregate in the form of gravel or small pebbles is combined with plaster or concrete to finish exterior walls.

A Maintenance-Free Finish

A roughcast surface dries into a finish that can remain maintenance-free for several decades. However, do not confuse roughcasting with pebble-dashing. Pebble-dashing is a completely different process. During pebble-dashing, the pebbles or stone materials are thrown against a finish of soft cement.

In some places in the world, roughcasting makes use of small sea shells rather than gravel or sand. When this technique is used, it is often done in the construction or renovation of waterfront properties. Other locations use a modified version of roughcasting to waterproof basements.

Roofers Offer More than Roof Installations and Repairs

If you have been considering an exterior upgrade, then your property may benefit from roughcasting. Some of the roofers in West Kilbride offer this service. Typically, if you plan to have your roof replaced, it is good to choose a roofing specialist that offers other external repairs and improvements. Besides roof repairs, new roof installations, and roughcasting, contractors also offer such services as flat roof repairs, chimney repairs, rendering, re-pointing, and the replacement of guttering, soffits, and fascias.

So, it is good to choose a contractor who has the resources and means to enhance the look of other areas of your property. Normally, when you replace your roof, you want to make sure it stays well-maintained. You can ensure its preservation if you replace old or worn-out gutters, soffits, and fascias. After all, these parts all contribute to the solidity of a roof’s membrane.

Therefore, make sure your roofing needs are met as well as other supportive roof upgrades or finishes. Choose a roofing specialist that offers the above-mentioned services.