Looking for a fridge that is perfect for you? With so many choices out there it is pretty confusing to figure out what kind of refrigerator is right for you.

Let’s break down the facts to give you a little insight:

  • Size of your family: The size of your family is the most important aspect. Refrigerator size is measured in litres. A small fridge is suited to small families or single people. The bigger your family, the bigger your fridge needs to be.
  • Type of Refrigerator: There are many different types of refrigerators out there to choose from. Top freezer, bottom freezer, double door refrigerator and so on. A top freezer is the most common refrigerator found in households. The bottom freezer is as its name suggests. The freezer is on the bottom to solve the problem of bending when you need commonly used items. The double door refrigerator is a massive fridge that has a ton of space and two doors to open it.
  • Smart features: Refrigerators are no longer just machines that can keep your food fresh. Smart refrigerators have so many features that can make your life much easier. Humidity and temperature control are two of the most common examples. Some refrigerators can even order food on your behalf, notify you if the door is left open or if the temperature is not optimum.
  • Additional options: If you want to enjoy some additional features like through the door ice, hot water and fast cooling, look for a fridge that has these options.
  • Brand: The brand of the fridge matters a lot. If you buy from a trusted brand, you will have a smooth buying experience. The warranty and after sales service is also bound to be great. Choosing a branded fridge also guarantees that your fridge is going to serve you for a long time.
  • Utilisation of space: A fridge that has a ton of space but not enough trays or compartments is no good. You need to have separate compartments to store different kinds of food items.
  • Energy-efficient: Unless you want extremely high electricity bills, you should look for a fridge that has the energy stars. More number of stars means more saving. This is great for the encounter as well.
  • Refrigerator price: Considering all the factors above, you need a fridge that has all the features you need without going over your budget. The refrigerator price is a major concern when it comes to buying a fridge. The top freezer is the least expensive of all the models. The double door refrigerator is on the higher side. All the additional features will definitely affect the price of the fridge. Smart Refrigerators do not come cheap but if you have a big budget, then you should definitely buy one. If you want to save some money while shopping, go online. There are all kinds of offers and cashbacks that you can avail of. You can even pay using a number of different ways including setting up an EMI or no cost EMI option.