A flower garden is more like a decorative part of the house rather than just a backyard garden with colours and scents. From one point of view, there is a major difference between a large outdoor flower garden and a small indoor one. On the other hand, it’s basically the same thing and you will need some talent for decoration to grow your own flower garden like a pro. Check out the following tips and tricks that professional gardeners recommend for getting started with your first flower patch.

There are two most important things you should keep in mind. First – garden landscaping plays a major role for creating and maintaining the desired flower garden. Second – a flower garden has no other benefits than its aesthetic value. That’s why you should get started with the selection of your favourite flowers and plants and decide how you will grow them – indoors in pots, outdoors in flower beds, on the porch or in a greenhouse maybe. Then – take some time out and deal with the organisation of the landscaping.

The outdoor gardens, such as a patio garden or a huge backyard garden with an extensive lawn, offer a much wider range of options and possibilities for planting flowers. Take into account the angle of the terrain and its exposure. If your backyard has a slopped terrain with a southern exposure, then you should plant flowers that prefer more sunlight and a higher temperature. This means that a simple garden design of just rows, squares or other simple shapes can be the perfect match for the terrain.

Or else, a combination of taller and smaller flowers can provide an awesome advantage for the smaller plants if they prefer less natural sunlight. The higher plants will cast a shadow throughout the day and thus you can play with an enormous variety of combinations during garden landscaping.

Keep in mind the location of the other main objects in your garden, such as the patio, the deck, the pool, the walkways, the largest trees, the fences, etc. Stroll through the garden and see whether it will be more aesthetically pleasing to jazz up the walkways with flowers on both sides, or it would be better if you surround the largest stones with flowers and moss. If you have a lounge area, a playground or a picnic area in your garden, then a large patch of flowers right next to that area might be another great idea.

The colours of the flowers are the next important consideration, which is actually one of the most essential decisions when creating a flower garden. Pick up plants with different colours or with the same colours. Plant the bulbs in a small compact area or spread them chaotically throughout the garden. The options are numerous, but always keep in mind the final colour scheme of your garden that you will get when the flowers grow. Another thing garden landscapers recommend is to keep in mind when the flowers bloom, because different flowers can change their colours almost completely after blooming. This can help make the same garden look completely different during the different seasons.

Make a plan of the flower garden. It may be just a simple sketch with the dimensions of the areas where you will grow the flowers, as well as the type and colour of the different flowers. Such a simple sketch will help during garden maintenance, as well as help keep everything in your flower garden in order. Include some important highlights and notes in the form of a maintenance schedule, i.e. add the approximate dates for garden spraying or weed control.

When creating a flower garden, always try to go for something extraordinary; for example – combine flowers and veggies or grow flowers in a vertical orientation.


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