There are certain mistakes that you could make when remodeling your kitchen if you’re not too careful. Here are some questions to ask before proceeding with a remodeling project.

Will you or your buyers enjoy it?

The first consideration is whether you’re remodeling the home for you and your family’s enjoyment, or that of the people who will buy the home when you put it on the market.

Unless you plan to sell the home within a year or two, you should primarily focus on a remodel that’s to your liking.

It’s also important to remember that people care more about the overall condition of the home rather than the kitchen alone, so try to avoid spending too much on a remodel if you only intend to do so to increase resale value.

Does the remodel match the architecture of the home?

It can be very jarring to walk into a kitchen to find that it doesn’t look anything like the rest of the home.

People want a kitchen that looks like other areas, and you may find that even older kitchens with equally antiquated appliances will still sell when the house is on the market, rather than an unappealing gutted kitchen.

Is sufficient cabinetry in place?

It’s best to try to avoid installing cheap cabinetry. In fact, it should be one of the biggest investments in a kitchen remodel, even for rental properties. Cabinets should be able to last for many years without falling apart, or it will prove a hassle replacing them from time to time.

Do you really need those appliances?

You may consider getting flashy high-quality appliances, but make sure all other expenses are accounted for before spending too much on the oven or dishwasher. Consider what you want compared to what you really need when it comes to appliances.

For instance, does your kitchen really require a six-burner stove top when you’re only sharing the home with one other person?

Determine which features you’ll use and buy accordingly.

Can you really trust your contractor?

It’s best to perform as much research as possible before settling with a contractor. Look at reviews, learn about past projects, and determine if their staff truly seem reliable based on the previous results and their overall conduct.

You can always ask for references, too. If anything feels off, it’s best to go with another company to save time and money.

Is the kitchen fully functional?

Everything in the kitchen should have a function and serve a specific purpose, whether it relates to cooking or storage.

Your ideal kitchen will allow you to get around easily while making everything consistently convenient. While aesthetic may be a primary concern, don’t let it compromise functionality if you want to keep the kitchen from being a pain.

Asking these questions can help you develop the perfect kitchen redesign that gives you the best results, regardless of style and layout.