You’re tired of overheating in the summer, and you have finally given in to the idea of swapping out the old boiler in the basement of your 1930s bungalow for a brand-new HVAC system. However, you are uneasy about the number of HVAC contractors in your area. Thankfully, you don’t have to depend on the relevance of digital and old school advertising to find a contractor you can trust because there is a tried and true process for selecting qualified and dependable HVAC professionals.

License and Experience

All AC companies in Tampa should have appropriate licensing and certifications. While it is tempting to trust the information that a servicer puts on their site, you should do as the adage says, “trust but verify.” Call your states licensing agency and ask about the company you want to hire. Reach out to the organizations that have certified the company and check on the legitimacy of their certification. Look into any complaints made to the Better Business Bureau. Don’t just trust the word of a company that you have never done business with. You are about to make a significant purchase, and it is not only OK but expected that you do your research.


Most HVAC companies will offer a home consultation, and while not every consultation is free, these home visits provide insight into how a company does business. Before your meeting, prepare a list of questions and concerns. You want a technician who can answer all of your questions in a thorough, respectful and easy to understand way. If the consultation makes you uncomfortable, then move onto the next company.


Looking into references is among one of the top research methods available to consumers. Most companies will list recent projects on their website, and there are typically several review sites that will have recent customer reviews. Take your time verifying the work of any contractor to ensure that customer service and quality are their primary concerns. It can be overwhelming when looking over all of this information as you can receive mixed messages, that’s why family and friends can be extremely useful in this scenario. You have an established relationship of trust with these people, meaning that you may value their opinion above the reviews of strangers.

Deciding to purchase a new HVAC system is a big deal, and you owe it to yourself to take your time. Verify, question and seek reputable information before trusting any company with an HVAC installation.