If you’re planning to use scaffolding at your construction site or even if you’re a do-it-yourself homeowner who’s going to repair a chimney, you should remember the two key elements of scaffold use: safety and access. Notice that the word “safety” was mentioned first. Of course, properly located and assembled scaffolding allows workers to access places that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach. But it’s essential to have the assistance of specialists to ensure the safety of everyone on site.

It’s Safer

While you may have a project requiring only a small ladder, such as painting or an installation a metre or so from the ground, you’ll find that scaffolding is safer when the job involves roofing, painting, or installation at a greater height. Workers will find the platform of a scaffold more stable, allowing them to focus on the task at hand. If they were to attempt to work from a ladder, they might find the effort more than awkward. It could be very dangerous.

Look for these benefits when hiring a scaffolding supplier:

  • Experience
  • Works in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings
  • Competitive prices
  • Custom scaffolding design


Sturdy handrails are a key safety element with scaffolding. If you’re in need of quality scaffolding service, you’d be wise to get in touch with experienced Hertfordshire scaffolding erectors and hirers today to discuss your specific requirements.

You’ll be best served when you work with trained and experienced professionals who are as committed to safety as you are. Don’t cut corners when it’s time to erect scaffolding.