The sash window is one of the most diverse and adaptable styles of window design there are. The differing varieties of sash window have allowed the style to become one of Britain’s greatest contributions to historical and contemporary architecture. But, which one is best?

The decadent Georgian style has always been popular, the quintessential aspect of any manor house seen in a film adaption of a Jane Austen novel. There’s something very English about it, something very romantic – in fact, it lasted well in to the Romantic Era that preceded Victorianism. It has become synonymous with country residences, and moorland glens, a symbol of the Enlightenment and its desire to cultivate, instilling order over the natural world.

The Victorians went a step further. They, too, were concerned with expansion, with maintaining control of the Empire and everything in it. Victorianism is often associated with urban life in the city, a lifestyle which, for all people, had its ups and its downs. The wealthy classes would upgrade their sash windows, to form box sash windows that jutted outward, making a statement of status and taste for all passersby to see. They were often complimented by a large window seat at which to view the world as it went by, sheltered by the privileges of upper class life. For others, though, the traditional sashes of the previous centuries were all they could make do with, the poor living conditions of the working classes not allowing for such lavish furnishings. While the original sash was created to prevent excessive draughts let in by the wrought iron casements of old, they were still nowhere near as excluding as today’s modern windows, with even the wealthier sash owners having to endure the cold at times.

Over all, it is difficult to say which is best, as all varieties have been upgraded and reimagined over time to suit the needs of the era in which it was found. But the original sash was the one that started it all. Originating from some time in the 17th Century, an invention of the great British architect and natural philosopher Robert Hooke, since then it has evolved and spread over the world. Not the Victorian box sash, nor other designs like the mock-Tudor style has done that, which is why, despite its flaws, we think the original sash will always be the best.

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