Today, there are more window dressing options available than ever. While having a wide range of options to choose from is always nice, having too many can also be overwhelming.

If you are struggling to figure out which window dressings are right for your home, you are not alone. The answer to the following questions will help you begin to decide on the right window dressings for your property:

What Is the Purpose of the Room?

Contrary to popular belief, window dressings do not need to be the same in every room throughout a property. For example, if you are looking for window dressings for your bedroom, then you may want to opt for a blackout shade as well as sheer panels so that you can completely block out the light when needed, while also having the option to create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.


What Is the Function of the Window?

A window can serve one or more of the following functions:

  • Streaming natural light into the home
  • Providing stunning views of your garden and surroundings
  • Providing a cross-breeze

Cross-breeze windows do well with vertical blinds, while heavily accessed, frequently used windows often do best with a roller shade. A company that specialises in blinds, awnings & canopies will be able to help you best determine which style of dressing will work best with the window’s function as well as the aesthetics of the room.

How Important Is Privacy?

Not every window will require maximum privacy. Front rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms require the most amount of privacy. Consider having window dressings lined for additional privacy, or invest in blinds. Blinds are incredibly versatile, allowing you to choose exactly how much light, air and privacy your room receives without any fuss.


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