When it comes to selecting the windows and doors for your house, there are plenty of choices available to you. You can choose from wooden, aluminium, PVC or fibreglass windows. Needless to say, all of these materials have different properties and pros and cons, and they appeal to different types of consumers. However, windows made from aluminium are becoming more and more common nowadays. Thousands of homeowners across the UK have started hiring contractors to replace their old windows with newer, stylish windows that have aluminium frames.

So, what makes aluminium such a popular choice for so many people? Aluminium is a metal that is extremely light. For example, because of its light weight, aluminium is also used in building aeroplanes. Aluminium also has superior malleability and can be easily machined. Furthermore, aluminium is one of the easiest metals to recycle. Now, if you are interested in getting your windows replaced, aluminium is an excellent choice. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should choose aluminium windows:

Thermal Capability

One of the biggest reasons why aluminium is so popular to use in doors and windows is because of its thermal performance. Aluminium contributes significantly to thermal and sound insulation. It meets current building regulations, and the efficiency of thermal performance in aluminium is significantly higher than PVC or timber. Furthermore, if the frame is properly designed, it can easily exceed energy efficiency standards. For instance, if the frame is fabricated using high-performance aluminium, it could lead to improvements in the loss and gain of heat through the windows by up to 60%. If you are looking for superior sound and thermal insulation, aluminium is an excellent choice.

Low Maintenance and Durable

Another reason why you should choose aluminium is because the metal is significantly more robust than other options and virtually maintenance free. Aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion, and thus isn’t affected by harsh environmental conditions. Unlike other materials, windows and doors that are made out of aluminium won’t crack, split swell, or warp over the passage of time. As a result, your windows and doors will last much longer. Aluminium is by far one of the most durable metals that you can choose.


Nobody wants to spend a fortune on their doors and windows. If you want to save money on framing options, you should definitely consider aluminium. Not only is it significantly cheaper than some other materials, but it is also highly durable. For people on a budget, aluminium doors and windows are a fantastic option. Aluminium is approximately 3 times as strong as ordinary PVC and more than 4 times stronger than wood. Therefore, not only is it a durable option, but it is also highly affordable.

Aluminium Windows

Flexible Designs

Have you ever seen the vast variety of framing designs available? Aluminium doors and windows are available in a plethora of different designs for you to choose from. In fact, many companies also give you the option of selecting a custom design. Aluminium is an extremely malleable metal, thus making it perfect for use in customised designs. You can choose from plenty of custom finishes or glasses.


If you are looking to build an eco-friendly home, you should definitely consider using aluminium for all its doors and windows. Aluminium is one of the easiest metals to recycle. It requires a mere 5% of the initial energy to recycle aluminium. This is one of the properties that differentiates aluminium from the other metals that you can use for door and window frames.

Looks Good

When it comes to getting the right doors and windows, you obviously want something that looks good. Aluminium fits the bill here as well. Owing to its flexibility and design, aluminium can be finished with a range of different colours and polishes. You can alter the look of the frames in order to meet the look of the interior décor and the character of your home. Aluminium is available in virtually any colour of your choice.

High Standards

There are certain building regulations pertaining to the structural integrity and water infiltration standards of different materials. Aluminium ranks very highly when it comes to this. It is an extremely robust material that is resistant to corrosion. As a result of that, aluminium restricts water and improves the structural integrity of your place. If you are looking for an extremely powerful metal that is affordable and meets the building standards, aluminium should be at the top of your list.

These are just some of the many advantages that you get for choosing aluminium doors and windows. There are plenty of companies in the UK that sell windows and doors made with aluminium frames. Consider your options before making a purchase, since the quality of aluminium used depends on the price. Most companies offer a range of different products for their customers to choose from. You can opt for the cheaper range or select more expensive, double glazed windows for your house.

It all depends on your budget. When you first approach a company that sells aluminium frames for doors and windows, you will generally be shown several options. Once you make a selection, a representative from the company will visit your house and inspect all the doors and windows. The representative will then give you a quote based on the number of windows and doors in the house. Obviously, the quote varies depending on the type of aluminium to be used, the size and number of the windows and doors in your house, etc.

 Before making a decision, you should get a quote from two or three companies. In order to attract customers, many companies offer cheaper initial quotes to potential clients. If you don’t want to end up overpaying for the doors and windows, you should compare quotes from different vendors before making a decision. Carefully inspect the aluminium finish before you make a purchase. Soon you will be saving money with your beautiful new aluminium windows.


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