Support beams that hold up the roof of a shopping centre or the floor of a school cannot take all of the weight on their own. This means that the support beams need to be shored up with something called a purlin. This acts as framing system for the beams that are already in place. They can be used to support entire structures or they might just be used for a small section of flooring.

Whatever they are used for, you need to know why they are so effective and useful.

A Purlin Is Relatively Lightweight

One of the main reasons why people love to work with purlins is the fact that they are relatively lightweight compared to other types of beams. This means that they can be transported by machinery in relative safety and they can even be carried by workmen when they need to put the support beams on the floor of a brand new building.

You will be grateful that the purlin is not going to be very heavy for the workmen to carry around or for the cranes to winch up to the top of the structure. This should be one of your main considerations when you are looking for beams.

A Purlin Is Able To Take A Large Amount Of Weight

Support beams need to be able to take on an incredible amount of weight in order to maintain the safety of the structure. The purlin that provides support to these beams must be able to take the weight of the structure plus the beam above. This is perhaps the most important consideration when you are looking for some beams.

Don’t just buy the cheapest purlin available, because you may end up with an inferior product which could put the whole structure of the building in jeopardy. This is something that you should put a lot of thought into rather than rushing this stage of the inspection without a second thought.

A Purlin Is Versatile

You might need to buy a purlin for a range of different jobs on one project. Thankfully, the purlin is known for its versatility in different situations. You might want to apply a purlin to the entirety of an internal structure, or you might want to install a purlin under the main support beams in a ceiling. This kind of beam can also be put underneath the floor for support.

A Purlin Is Cost-Effective

You do not need to spend a large amount of money on this kind of beam, which is useful when a project requires dozens or even hundreds of them. You should weigh up all the different physical features of this physical beam before you weigh up the cost.

You will be extremely pleased when you have purchased a quality purlin. This is because you are guaranteed a high degree of safety and longevity after this beam has been installed in the building.