Taking a bath makes someone stay refreshed. However, you will only have a bad experience when taking a bath in a faulty and leaking shower or runs water in low pressure. Leaking showerheads not only are they annoying but also adds on to your monthly water bills for the water that goes to waste. Is your shower leaking and you don’t know the cause?

Here are common reasons for leaking showerheads

A worn out washer or O-ring

A worn out washer ring or O-ring more often cause leaks on the threads causing your shower head to leak from the head ends. If you notice leaks, it is advisable that you have the head checked, or check it yourself by removing the showerhead using pliers or an adjustable wrench. If you cannot replace the O-ring yourself, hire a contractor to do it for you, and you will have gotten rid of the problem.

The showerhead has clogged holes

Mineral deposits in water are notorious for clogging the showerhead holes. Calcium and or grit found in water are the primary culprits causing the clog. When they accumulate over time, water usually starts dripping from the face plate, the handle base or pipe. More often, vinegar has been used to dissolve these mineral deposits opening up the holes and letting water drip well from the showerhead. Also, it is imperative to scrub the showerhead from time to time to either remove leftover deposits are clean ones that are starting to form afresh.

Problem with the shower handle

Modern showers come with compression faucets to separate cold and hot water. These faucets have seals behind them, and when they are faulty, they cause water to drip when not expected, from the showerhead. A skilled contractor often finds out which handle is causing the leak in the showerhead by feeling the temperature of the water that is dripping. Once they have determined the exact handle that is causing the leak, they then take off that handle, remove the nut to replace the faulty seal hence solving the problem.

Leaking Shower head pipe or arm

Shower pipes and arms also cause your shower to leak. Solving it is easy because all you need is a Teflon tape and a wrench. Using the crescent wrench remove the shower head. Next rewound the threaded end with the Teflon tape and reinstall the showerhead and have the problem.


The shower system is a very critical system in the house and therefore taking good care of it is paramount. Just like any other thing which is prone to wear and tear, they also undergo the same. Whenever you start noticing faults on the system, it is advisable to hire a trained plumber to fix the problem to avoid further damage. They will also inspect the entire system and correct problems before they get out of hand.