In the UK and Belfast, heating oil is referred to as kero, kerosene, burning oil, or 28 sec. The product is obtained through a process known as fractional distillation. During distillation, crude oil is heated and separated at varying temperatures.

How Oil Is Used in the Home

Most heating oil systems work as follows:

  • Oil is stored within a tank, which is either below-ground or above-ground.
  • The tank for heating is linked to a boiler.
  • The oil is directed into the boiler through a pipeline. In the pipeline, the fuel combusts to heat a separate and distinct water supply.
  • The heated water is directed from the boiler through a pipe and radiator system.

Therefore, this form of fuel offers homeowners heat for their home and water supply. The fuel also gives property owners an excellent return on what they use in energy. Therefore, heating oil prices in Belfast usually are very economical. In fact, research shows that heating oil is an incredibly affordable option and is far cheaper than LPG, mains gas, and electric heaters.

Heating Oil Delivery

Heating oil is not delivered to a home in the same manner as electricity or gas. Whilst electricity or gas are supplied by networks of pipes, heating oil is provided by road-based tankers. Therefore, property owners must make requests to heating oil companies when they need extra fuel. This type of delivery is advantageous, as a homeowner can order a large quantity of oil while demand is still low—usually in the summer—and store the fuel until it is required.

By using the aforementioned approach, you can save a good deal of money. Normally, off-peak seasons often coincide with reductions in oil prices. Therefore, if you are a customer who plans ahead, you can reap great savings on your annual fuel consumption.

Saving Money

To save money on your oil bill, keep a close eye on the prices. If you take note of a price drop, you can enjoy some savings. As mentioned, you may want to stock up for the cold weather months in advance. If you have a reserve stock on hand before winter, you can reduce your costs when it finally gets cold. This is a good idea, too, if you do not want your fuel delivery to be hampered by the severe winter weather or the snow.

You will also save more money on fuel by making sure your boiler is regularly checked and serviced. When a boiler runs efficiently, you can save a great deal more money on your heating and energy bills. Make sure you work with a supplier that is customer-focused and helpful. Oil is affordable, so make sure you are dealing with a company that provides reliable delivery services.