Today’s flat screen televisions no longer need a good-sized entertainment centre, table, or bookshelf to sit upon. Instead, they’re thin enough and light enough that they can easily be mounted to the wall of any home or business. If you’ve been thinking about mounting your flat screen so that you can get it up off a table, or if you’ve bought a brand new television and aren’t sure as to whether you want to hang it on the wall, here are a few reasons as to why mounting your TV is a good idea.

Save Space

By mounting your TV on the wall, you don’t have to purchase a large entertainment centre. You don’t even need a small TV stand or table. This is especially helpful in a small room where there’s not really any space for a bulky piece of furniture to hold your television. Many people install a thin shelf or sideboard under their mounted television to hold their Blu-Ray player, DVD player, video game systems, and other items. However, you can actually hang a shelf on the wall near the TV for these items, so you don’t really need any sort of furniture for your television and accessories.

Be Comfortable While Watching TV

Another reason to mount your television is so that it’s more comfortable to watch. This is especially useful in the bedroom. By mounting your television higher up on the wall, you can more easily see the screen while lying in bed. TV wall mounting isn’t restricted by height, so you’re free to place your television as high up on the wall as you’d like.

If you use a wall mount that swivels, you can even turn your TV as needed. These mounts extend from the wall, so you can pull the television out and angle it to the left or right as needed. Some even tilt up and down for further customisation.

Protect Your Television

If you have young children, you know how they like to put their hands on everything. This includes your TV. By mounting your television up and out of reach, you don’t have to worry about children putting fingerprints all over it, or even worse, spilling food or drink on it.

This also helps protect your TV from being knocked over. While most entertainment centres protect it from being bumped, other types of tables or shelves may not be as steady. Pets, especially cats, may enjoy jumping up and getting behind your television. If your children are running through the house, they might bump into it. There can be a number of different accidents that could damage your television, even if it’s not knocked off the table. Mounting it on the wall eliminates these risks.

Save Money

If you don’t have an entertainment centre or piece of furniture that your new flat screen can sit on, you may have to purchase one. A nice TV stand can cost a good amount, whereas TV mounting brackets are actually very affordable. You may even find that you can purchase the necessary mounting materials and have the TV installed for less than you would spend on a shelf or stand by itself.


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