If you’ve ever seen Star Wars then you’ll probably want to try out your own skills with the force. Automatic doors are a great way to practice! Simply approach and wave your hand or arm; the doors will open!

Of course there are far more practical reasons why the automatic door was invented. However, the issue is really when they go wrong. Suddenly you can find yourself trapped inside a store or unable to let customers out. You’ll want somebody to complete an automatic doors repair as quickly as possible. You may even be tempted to have a go yourself.

However, there is a good reason why you should leave this to an automatic doors repair firm:

  • Sensors

The automatic door has a sensor which knows when someone is approaching and tells the motor to turn, moving the doors. Equally, once you have entered or left the store it knows you are there and closes the door. In addition there are sensors which make sure no one is in the entranceway when the doors close; this prevents any injuries from occurring.

If you attempt a door repair and don’t get the sensors right then you could end up with the door closing on people. You would be liable for the injuries caused. This is definitely enough incentive to ensure you use an automatic doors repair firm.

  • Power

Automatic doors are powered by electricity and this can be very dangerous. One electric shock is enough to kill an adult, although it is not always fatal. If you do not know what you are doing when you undertake the automatic doors repair you could electrocute yourself or the next person who uses the door. This is not something you want on your conscience.

  • Speed

You might be frustrated while you are waiting for your emergency automatic doors repair firm to arrive. However, even with this delay it is likely that they will have the door fixed quicker than if you tried to complete it yourself.

These firs know automatic doors, what normally goes wrong and how to fix them. They will even carry some of the most common spare parts with them. It s worth the wait and your customers will be happy with the first class service you have given them. You may even get the opportunity to make some extra sales while you wait!

  • Warranty

If you complete a temporary repair and the doors break again you will need to spend more time and potentially more money having the doors fixed. A reputable automatic doors repair firm will provide a warranty for the work they have done and will quickly return to rectify any issues, if there are any.

In addition to this saving you money and time, you can enjoy peace of mind as you will know the repair has been completed properly and safely.

No warranty will cover injury or loss of life because you have repaired the door incorrectly. It is simply too big a risk to take when an emergency automatic doors repair fir can be with you so quickly.