So you have a fundraising ceremony coming up and you want to do something different from your last event. Brochures are outdated and gift cards are quite a cliche in our modern times. So how can you be unique with your fundraiser? It’s time you got introduced to Donor bricks.

What are they?

As the name suggests, these are actual bricks made from clay and fired in a furnace. They then get engraved with words in any font of your choice. It could be bold, italic or even calligraphy; however unique you want to be with the wording, it’s your choice. Donor bricks can be used in all sorts of donor events aimed at complementing the guests with a token of appreciation for their financial assistance.

Advantages of Fundraiser Bricks

To begin with, it’s quite a unique idea to implement in your event. The donor bricks can be produced in any size depending on your request. The big bricks can be used as decorative objects at the event and even used to give directions leading to where the main event is. You can further customize the bricks with different currency values and place them in different tables. One table could have a 5 dollar donation brick on the table while the next table could have a 20 dollar brick. The high money value bricks can be ideal for VIP tables separated from the common tables.

The smaller bricks are often used as souvenirs that guests can take home. Small bricks don’t carry more than 6 lines of encouraging words to the guests. Donor bricks allow you to personalize your message to the guests as well; it will definitely be heartwarming when a guest takes home a donor brick customized with their name.

Another advantage of these fundraiser bricks is their durability. A framed photo ages with time and gift cards easily get misplaced since they are so tiny. But a souvenir brick is crafted from clay soil and furnace baked to produce a firm durable product. The brick also has an aesthetic red color when coming out of the furnace. Additionally, you can paint the surface with a different color for something different.

Compared to most donor gift options in the market, these bricks are inexpensive to produce. They are basically clay products that don’t require a lot of time and effort to produce. This allows bulk production to be super fast, thus lowering the price of a single brick. Buying in bulk also earns you a discount, thus at the end of it you spend less and everyone goes home happy.

Bottom Line

Donor bricks have been around for a while now and are quickly becoming popular in fund raising events. They can be used as decorative items, blocks that show direction, or souvenir bricks guest can take home. They are inexpensive to produce and are customizable to make them as unique as possible, and to match the mood and tempo of the event. You can order your first set of bricks online and have them delivered conveniently to your doorstep.


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