The roofs over our heads might not muster too much interest and excitement in most people, but they are essential to keeping the wind, rain, snow, and sun out of our homes. Home extensions are all the rage these days, but deciding on a roof for your extension is a big part of the process. In fact, it is an aspect that can be pretty expensive if the right research has not been done. Luckily, these are plenty of roofing options and materials available these days.

Why a Flat Roof?

It might seem a bit odd to even consider installing a flat roof. After all, people are so used to seeing the peaks on regular roofs, that anything else just seems out of the ordinary. A flat roof is actually an excellent option for small extensions and outbuildings, such as sheds or studios. Consider the following benefits:

  • Cost: The average roof is actually a pretty costly job. Erecting all of the load-bearing wooden beams and adjusting the slats of the roof takes a lot of time and materials, and this can all add up. A flat roof is very easy to install by nature, so it doesn’t take as long or necessitate as much labour. This makes it a cost-effective roofing solution for many types of extensions and buildings. The good news is that local flat roof construction in Leicester is very affordable.
  • Accessibility: If you’ve ever been up on your roof to inspect it, you’ll know just how risky that activity can be. Those sloped roofs may look great, but they can be tricky to navigate, and more than one homeowner has come a cropper when climbing the tiles. By contrast, a flat roof is easy to access because it is flat! One can simply walk on it and inspect it, clean the gutters out, or retrieve footballs.
  • More space: While some people have loft conversions, these rooms are typically pretty tiny and are dominated by the sloping ceiling under the roof. The flat roof actually provides a much more usable space underneath it. Furthermore, how about installing a rooftop garden on your new flat roof? There is no reason why a flat roof can’t even be used as extra outdoor space because it is so accessible. There are people who even add more air conditioning units and solar panels to their flat roof space because it opens up a whole new area to use in their home.

Making the Right Decision on a New Roof

Many people have pitched roofs, but why not investigate a cheaper alternative that provides some pretty interesting advantages? A flat roof is great for many types of buildings, and the methods and materials used in their construction have really advanced in recent years.