National laws and international recommendations specify that pretty much all public access buildings have to have a certain level of accommodations for those who are disabled. Also, it is simply good ethics to have as much access as possible for disabled people. That will make it easier for them to get in and out of your business. It’s a good business decision and a sound ethical decision. However, there are many different kinds of disabled access doors that you can choose from.

Disabled Access Doors

Some of the simplest disabled access doors are just automatic doors that slide open with sensors.

  • When someone trips a sensor, the door opens. These are most commonly found at grocery stores and other places where people push carts or carry heavy bags.
  • The sensors are also a common source of Barking door repairs; the sensors can go bad or simply run out of batteries.
  • There are other types of disabled access doors, though. Some businesses choose to have doors that have automated buttons. The door will be a pull or push door but it has a button that will automatically open the door.

Different Options

If you already have a sliding door, an automatic sensor is possibly your best option. The specialists will just retrofit it to add a motor. If your door swings, it might be better to install a button that opens the door when pressed. Some people choose to have some kind of revolving door. There are many options; the most important is making it as easily accessible for disabled people as possible.