Moving to a new home can be very stressful for you and your kids. A young child may view moving out as an earth-shattering experience, simply because their world as they know it is gone and will be replaced with a new one. They might have to leave old friends, their favorite toys or their favorite park. There’s a lot on your mind already but picking out the best self-storage for moving is essential to an easy transition for you and your family.

Here is a guide you can use to help make your move go smoothly:

Plan your meals

Moving all your furniture and appliances means you will have to survive without using these little conveniences for a day or two. You won’t get to use your kitchenware to prepare the same food that you usually cook, so you may have to resort to canned goods or takeout food. To avoid this, make sure to stock up on pre-sliced fruits, dried fruits, frozen vegetables, and bread one week before moving day. These things take no time to prepare and they still have the nutrients that growing kids need.

Take frequent breaks

Remember what we said about children being way more stressed than adults when moving? If you are tired, imagine how your child must be feeling. Make sure to take frequent breaks and keep your kid entertained. Ensuring that they keep their playtime is the best way to make the move a lot easier.

Ask for help

Even when you try to pay attention to your child, it may still not be enough considering you’re too busy with the whole moving process. To make sure that your child gets taken care of, don’t be embarrassed to enlist the help of their grandparents or other relatives.


Get the kids involved

Young children won’t be able to contribute a lot, but making them feel like they are needed and involved in a major event like moving can keep them pre-occupied. At least make them aware of every little thing that’s happening, or let them help pack their own things.

Pack their things last

Speaking of packing your kids’ stuff, ask the movers to pack these last and unpack them first once you’re in your new home. This way, your child gets to retain as much as they can from their usual routine. They can still sleep in their own bed, play with their favorite toys, and spend time in their room like they’re used to.

Explore your new neighborhood with your child

Look for the nearest playground or park and spend time with your child tso that they become familiar with the place as soon as possible.